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What our customers have to say....

  "We can not say enough good things about the system and customer support we received.  The staff has worked personally with a member of the O'Neill family.  He made sure our x-rays were crisp, clear, and detailed.  We are very impressed and extremely confident that this system will allow us to treat our patients effectively."   Dr. David H. Haley,.  Foot Care Group, P.A.  Middletown, DE.

  "The ability to have this technology in my treatment rooms has also proven to be an extremely important advance in the practice of foot and ankle surgery.  This system is relatively easy to operate and I would highly recommend it to any podiatric foot and ankle surgeon."   Dr. Harold Schoenhaus,  Podiatric Director - Penn Wound Care Center, Philadelphia, PA.

  "My patients are impressed with how quickly I can review their x-rays with them.  The software has features like Optimize and Sharpen for the clearest images, and allows me to do multiple tasks like line analysis and reports all in one."  Dr. Glenn Kneeland,  Salem Chiropractic Center,  Salem, MA.

 "I receive very reliable support from the A2D2 team and I consider this an outstanding value for what it does."  Dr. Rick DiGregorio, Upper Cervical Centers of America.

"I am very pleased with the image quality of this product.  We are able to acquire excellent images in seconds saving time for both the patients and staff.  The user-friendly software is very intuitive and easy to use.  I also am very appreciative of all the excellent customer support I received.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone considering ditital X-ray equipment."  Dr. Fred Kussel,  Podiatric Physician and Surgeon.