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Ann Arbor Digital Devices acknowledges the growing need for portable and affordable digital X-Ray in under-funded international medical facilities.  To meet this growing need, Mr. Rodolfo Gutierrez will promote the A2D2 line of products in these markets.  Mr. Gutierrez is the ideal bridge between the under-funded markets and our affordable yet reliable digital X-Ray technology.  

Mr. Gutierrez  states "I have visited many remote areas during my 40 year career working with diagnostic imaging equipment as an engineer and as a business consultant where they have to send the X-Ray film more than a thousand miles away in the Andes mountains to be analyzed at the capital city. Then they have to wait some weeks to obtain the results.   With the A2D2 DR line they can get a fast diagnosis the same day, before the patient gets worse"

Central to the success of this market segment is our reliability.   Field support visits in remote areas would be very difficult.  Since there are no moving parts, it is completely sealed, and no need to handle such things as CR cassettes (which cost over $2,000 each) this is a perfect fit.    However there is 24/7 tech support and a full return-to-factory warranty for two  years should any detector  problems arise.

"I have had this dream for years, where millions of poor people can get help from the latest digital  X- Ray technology at an affordable price, said Mr. Gutierrez.

Mr.Gutierrez is an international consultant in Digital Radiography business and can be contacted for any question at:                    Phone:  (305) 725-8635.