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X-Wave DR vs. CR

 Considering going digital?  Consider these important factors:

 Immediate Results

 The X-Wave DR presents your x-ray within 10 seconds.  The CR takes approximately 1 full minute from start to finish.

 Ease of Use

 The X-Wave DR takes exactly one mouse click.  To process a CR film you must remove the cassette, enter patient data, insert the cassette into the scanner, wait for the scan to complete, wait for the image to emerge on the screen, then replace the cassette.   This process must be repeated for each study.

 Lower total cost of ownership

 The X-Wave DR has only has only one moving part.  CR is essentially a digital “film processor” so the clinic will still be paying high repair and maintenance costs.   Replacement cassettes alone are over $2,000 each.

 Fewer retakes = less exposure to your patients

 The X-Wave DR processes all images using the same procedure.  There is no need to specify body parts while processing.  Incorrect specifications with a CR routine require additional exposures to your patients.

 Faster throughput means greater customer satisfaction

 The X-Wave DR images appear within 10 seconds.  The longest part of the process is posing the patient.  A full set of patient x-rays can be completed within the amount of time it takes to complete one CR routine.

Built in miniPACS at no extra charge

 Many CR systems charge more for PACS systems.  The X-Wave has a built in miniPACS for free.

 Did someone say 21 megapixel?

The X-Wave DR is the only 21 megapixel system on the market.


Let’s face it, sooner or later a CR cassette will get dropped.  New cassettes cost over $2,000 each.