Digital X-Ray machines by Ann Arbor Digital Devices

Help your clients save money and provide better patient satisfaction with Digital Xray machines from A2D2.

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Digital Xray produces crisp, detailed images in seconds!

A2D2's proprietary imaging technology can produce 21 megapixel Xray images in under 2 minutes! Other digital xray machines can take over three times longer. A2D2's digital Xray machines allow you to provide services for more patients, while also providing better quality of care.

A2D2's 21 megapixel images allow you to see hairline fractures and other fine details that would be too blurry (or not show up at all) on other digital xray machines.

Not only can you see more fine details, but due to our unique manufacturing process (Made in the USA!) you're able to see clearer results at a fraction of the price of our competitor's machines.

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21 Megapixel Digital Xrays

A2D2's Digital Xray machines produce higher quality images, in a third of the time, even while costing less, due to our proprietary technology


Rapid Xrays

Simple, easy, and mobile Xray machines for your office!

Orthopedic Xrays

Crystal clear digital xray imaging for podiatrists and hand specialists!

Veterinary Xrays

Immediate Xray results to help take the best care of our furry friends!

A2D2's Digital Imaging technology saves time, money, and pain!

Our 100% unique software, and american made imaging hardware provide crystal clear digital Xrays, and help your patients get out of pain sooner!

Pinpoint exact pain points with A2D2's 21 Megapixel Digital Xrays

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